Our Mission

At Cumberland Hemp Company our mission is to provide a Vancouver
Island source of hemp based products to ensure a sustainable source of
food for our communities and a sustainable industry base for hemp fibre.
We believe that our food products, which currently include nutrient dense
snack and dessert foods, increase available energy, improve digestion,
lower cravings for junk food fillers between meals and help more people
appreciate the amazing benefits of consuming local Canadian grown
hemp hearts.

In addition to the great taste and convenience, eating more hemp food
contributes to the greening of our planet through increased carbon
sequestering and improving the soil. So many benefits from one plant !
Cumberland Hemp dehydrated snacks are packaged in convenient rice paper
Ziploc bags which allow for very portable eating whether for lunch on the run
or a tasty health snack while exercising.
As the name suggests these crispy little bites are chock full of energizing
seeds! Ground flax, sunflower, chia, pumpkin and hemp seeds are the
main ingredients paired with a tantalizing middle eastern flavouring called
“zatar” . Think Greek hillsides covered with thyme, oregano and Palestinian
sesame flavours. All the seeds are mixed together and carefully spread by
hand onto dehydrator sheets to dry slowly to a crispy goodness without
compromising the enzymes. Made in small artisan batches.

Best served with sharp cheeses, hummus or pepper jellies. For amazing
taste pair with cucumber slices, feta and a pinch of basil. These little bites
are great for party fare, gluten free croutons, snacking on the go or hiking
the hills. Versatile enough to pair with sweet or savoury items and filled
with powerful seed energy to get you through your afternoon.

For best flavour and crispness consume quickly once opened.
Best stored in a cool dark place.
Customer Comments

Kale Chips
Ann’s Kale Chips are beyond delicious - a snack of supreme satisfaction.
Catherine Reid

Enjoyed the flavour and it was great for my vegan guests.

The hemp scream was delightful, very rich , with great flavours and texture while
remaining very light.  It’s a must try.
Myles Thompson

We love the dairy-free hempscream and a the fact that it contains hemp
and is full of Omega 3’s makes it the ultimate health food.   
Arzeena Hamir
Vegan Hempscream Dessert

Price: $9/tub or $48/6 tubs

A delicious combo of two of the worlds’ favourite flavours. Rich chocolaty
flavour with a hint of sour cherry on the finish. Delightful to savour slowly
on the tongue as the flavours meld into a heavenly match.
I know. Fig??? What happened to walnuts? Many folks have trouble with
nut allergies so it was decided to offer a slightly different pairing. The
chewy fig with its gooey seedy centre balances the sweet of the maple
syrup and adds a hint of warm summertime.
Cumberland Hemp Dehydrated Snacks
Our Products
Hemp and coconut milks blended into a flavourful ambrosia form the base
for this sweet frozen delight. Sweetened with organic agave, unpasteurized
local honey or Canadian maple syrup, hemp scream becomes a delicious
treat for the mouth and a nourishing treat for the body. These delightful
little tubs of tastiness marry the popular flavours of hemp and coconut with
maple fig, coffee and chocolate cherry.

Our vegan Hempscream dessert gives families great tasting options for those
suffering from lactose intolerance or gluten issues. It is a delicious change from
the conventional frozen dessert choices that may leave you feeling bloated and
overly sugared. Eating more nutrient dense foods means less food is required
to meet your bodily energy needs. Eating hemp reduces the need for empty
calories which means leaner, healthier people and the reduction of all
associated health costs to our nation.
For those who love rich strong, dark, organic coffee flavour this is the one
for you. Fair trade purchases make this doubly good for you. A little goes a
long way and as with other hemp products you will feel richly rewarded
with a modest amount.
Seedy Crackers
Sold in 110 g rice paper zip closure bags.
Kale Chips
Sold in 60 g rice paper zip closure bags

Chocolate Cherry
Maple Fig